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Wright Brace & Limb is a privately-held company founded in West Branch, Michigan that provides quality orthotic and prosthetic services. Orthotic and Prosthetic care may be needed due to an injury, a condition, a disease, or something as simple as sore feet.

Founded in 2003 by Joseph Wright CPO, Wright Brace & Limb  has grown rapidly because of the quality personalized care, superior customer service, and record of positive patient experiences.

Orthoses, such as braces, are externally applied devices used to modify the structural and functional characteristics of the neuromuscular and skeletal system. They are used by people who require support due to disease or malformation. Prostheses, or artificial limbs, are externally applied devices used to replace wholly, or in part, an absent or deficient body part. They are used by people who have lost limbs or extremities due to disease or accidents. Wright Brace & Limb  has considerable expertise in custom high-performance orthotics and prosthetics for those who are engaged in an active lifestyle.

Wright Brace & Limb  prides itself on delivering custom fitted devices to each client with a commitment to attaining the highest level of satisfaction, comfort, and mobility. You have a choice when selecting your O&P provider and it benefits you to research all of the alternatives in order to make an informed decision—the results can impact your health and lifestyle far into the future. We are owned and operated by O&P professionals and their attention to our patients and our operation make us the premier provider in Northern Michigan.

ABC Accedited Facility, participating with Medicare, many Blue Cross plans,
Auto Insurance, Workers Compensation and Medicaid


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